New Year, New Resolution

Goal-Setting for the New Year.

Happy 2021! A fresh start after an off-year for many.

New year, new resolutions, right?

By now, many people have figured out or are in the process of figuring out their new resolutions or goals.

Maybe your resolution is one you’ve tried to strive for in previous years, or perhaps it’s something completely new. Either way, it can be a daunting task to define that goal and then seek to reach it.

Let’s see if we can’t give you some insight and tools to help you set and achieve that resolution. (Remember I’m not your fairy god mom, you have to put in the work!)

First and foremost:

  1. “Keep simple, stupid” (no, I’m not calling you stupid…)
  2. Stay committed but remain flexible in your approach.
  3. Focus on the here & now.

Let me explain…

The KISS principle reminds you that most things work better (especially our brains) when we don’t over complicate things. Your goal doesn’t have to be this big, extravagant, multifaceted thing. When it is that way, it makes it hard to achieve.

Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day! Start simple and then build from there.

Part two, stay committed but stay flexible. Sometimes things don’t go according to plan, life gets in the way, and that’s ok. Being able to remain flexible doesn’t mean you are any less committed to reaching your goal. It just means you are allowed to adjust to your current circumstances.

You aren’t cheating yourself out of your progress; you are adjusting your sails to go with the wind instead of fighting it.

Finally, stay present. You can’t change the past; you can only learn from it. And, the future is only made better by what you do right now.

Goals are NOT rigid or fixed.

 We set goals to help us see progress within ourselves, and they are meant to be evaluated and adjusted.

Some of you may be saying, “Hold up, I’m still am not even sure what my resolution is!”

Start here… let’s figure out your destination first.

Here are some simple questions to help give your brain a jump start:

(Pssssttt… now’s the time to grab a pen and paper. Ok, now you’re ready.)

  1. “What do I want to achieve?”
  2. “What do you think is holding you back from reaching your destination?”
  3. “What can I do to clear those obstacles?”

Now that you’ve got an idea of your destination, the next question you may ask yourself is:

“Ok, I have my destination but, how the heck do I get there?!”

This step is where I feel like many people get caught up and potentially give up on their goal or resolution. You get caught up in the worry of making it happen or NOT making it happen. Ever heard the term “paralysis by analysis”?

Here is a way to help eliminate some of that worry…

Create YOUR Road Map

Get specific with your goal and break it down into increments of time.

From my experience, I’ve found it better to work backward from your destination.

Again, ask yourself:

  • What do I want to achieve at my 6-month mark to reach my destination?
  • What do I want to achieve at my 3-month mark to reach my 6-month mark?
  • What can I do daily to reach my 3-month goals?

You can always break it down further if you’d like (i.e., daily, weekly, 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, destination).

Keep it simple; keep them controllable. Keep them challenging but achievable.

So, what about accountability?

One idea I have for you is to create a contact with yourself. Once you have that contract signed, set appointments with yourself in your calendar. You are just as important as any other appointment you have; make the time for yourself.

Another is to find an accountability buddy. It’s always nice to have a support system, but you can still be that for yourself as well.

Now it’s up to you to take these tools and guidelines and set out to reach your destination. You are in control; make 2021 the year you need it to be for YOU!

Now go crush 2021. I believe in YOU.